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How long will I have access to my course(s)?

You will have access for the lifetime of the course.

How do I access my course(s)?

Once you pay for your selected course, you will receive an email with the course portal along with login information. You can also access the course portal from our website here.

Can I access the course content on mobile devices?


What is the teaching methodology used in the course(s)?

Our online courses at Crush College Admissions utilize a diverse range of teaching methodologies to ensure an engaging and effective learning experience for our students. Depending on the course, you can expect a combination of the following teaching methods: videos with and without presentations, hands-on exercises and activities to help you apply knowledge in applying to colleges, supplementary reading materials, resources, and downloadable content to complement your college application process.

Is there a specific schedule for completing the course, or can I learn at my own pace?

We understand that flexibility is key for our students. and parents. Our online courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing you to learn at a speed that suits your individual needs and schedule. You can access the course materials at any time and progress through the modules at your own convenience.

However, some courses may have suggested timelines or recommended pacing to help you stay on track and make steady progress. towards your college goals These timelines are provided as guidance and can be adjusted based on your availability and specific application deadlines.

Are there opportunities for interaction with instructors?

No, our courses at Crush College Admissions do not include direct interaction with consultants as part of the standard course offering. However, our courses are designed with comprehensive materials and resources to facilitate self-paced learning and application process.

For students who desire personalized interaction and guidance from consultants, we offer the option to purchase 1:1 coaching sessions separately. These sessions provide dedicated time with consultants for personalized support, addressing specific questions or challenges. This personalized approach ensures that you have access to tailored support based on your individual learning needs.

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